Boss Capital Review

logo imgWe know already about it that now a day’s everyone and everything can be done online whether it is shopping, study or trading. It means everything is available online, all we need to know is how to use internet. Trading is a big market, earlier it was done by people in traditional way but now days there are so many options to do it. We can do it online too. There are so many binary options trading sites which are available online and they are providing and offering different services to traders.

What is Binary option?

In traditional training ways, after the trader buys some stock, he looks at the trend and then decides on when to sell. In case of Binary option, a trader has only 2 choices. He can either get a fixed profit/amount for the trade or he gets nothing on it. These 2 choices are Call and Put.

Introduction to Boss Capital

In the field of binary options, Boss Capital is all new as it came into market in 2014. Boss Capital work as an offshore broker and it takes the brokers from all places except Japan. They are not taking traders from USA now. Those brokers which are unregulated, for them these binary options industry is becoming more challenging. They are very good offshore brokers you can say them best too as they do not provide passive brokering service. They are actively providing the help to traders so that they can take good decisions.

Features and platforms for trading

The platform which is used by Boss Capital is known as Tech Financials. This software is 100% based on internet. To get this software there no need to download and install. You have to get on to the site through the browser and then you have to register. You can start trading any time after that. It can be used on mobile devices as well. This software works very well on android devices too as it offers an android app which contains most of the functionality offered on the internet. This platform is very good for the mobile users to do the trading on mobile devices. The design of this software is very good and it is very easy to use. For new traders it is good but it provides very difficult tools for experienced traders. It contains a very good feature of professional charts.

Accounts for trading and payout

Boss Capital provides 4 type of accounts:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • VIP

For Bronze account, someone has to deposit @200 to $ 1000 then he can get access, for silver account deposit will be $1001 to $4000, for gold deposit is $4001 to $ 5000 and for VIP level accounts deposit will be more than $5000. In bronze the bonus amount will be 20% and which can be withdrawn monthly according to the standard monthly limit. In silver the bonus amount is 40% and an option of quick withdrawal. In gold it is provided to be around 65% with the feasibility of withdrawing it same day and in VIP level account it is 100%.

On some high yield option the payout will be up to 85% and up to 360%. 85% payout will be a very good payout. Boss Capital provides the option of demo account to register and one has to deposit the virtual amount. After this if a trader is ready to trade the real money he or she can use the above accounts.

boss register

Methods of deposit and withdrawal

There are so many methods provided by Boss Capital to deposit and withdraw. For this you can use wallets, credit card, debit card etc… In credit cards one can use VISA, Master card, JCB and American Express etc… And deposit amount should be at least $200 even for wallet too. For larger deposit one should use wire transfer option. The least amount which can be deposit through this is $500. Withdrawal will be according to the type of an account, as if you are holding bronze, silver, gold or VIP.

If it is bronze then there is no fee for monthly withdrawal limit but if you are withdrawing more than the limit in that month you have to pay $30. In silver everything is same as bronze only difference is that it will be fast. In gold account one can withdraw on daily basis as well as get withdrawal monthly too but in VIP it will be unlimited. If you are withdrawing through a card there will be no processing fee but you have to take care of the limit of the withdrawal .You can withdraw through wire transfer too by giving the processing fee $30.

Provides support to their traders

It provides the support in many ways to their traders as customer support, by providing the education to the traders and account management too. So as we can see the review of Boss Capital is very good and this is excellent software for traders. It can be referred to other because of its multiple features.




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Best Brokers for Binary Options Trading

Best Brokers for Binary Options Trading

When it comes to choosing the best broker, the needs of the investors play a big role in it. While looking for a regulated broker, an investor should consider different things such as the size of the investment, the class of the assets he wishes to invest into and many more. While looking for the brokers, the investors are concerned about the minimum deposit, the minimum trade, availability of a demo account,  if the brokers offer signal service and if the investor can trade using the mobile app or not. The broker may also look how much he can get as bonus.

The investors also consider the regulation, the trading types and the assets lists of a broker. Most of the new traders look for the brokers that offer a demo account and bonuses. Most of the times the bonuses are paid like a deposit match and sometime they can be in terms of the number of the trades which should be settled for a certain amount.  However, there are some conditions, terms and restrictions that should be met before the funds can be available for withdraw.  It is important to spent time and to understand these terms before you can sign up.

cb1A demo account for binary option is the best way that you may be introduced to the binary options trading without having to risk your funds. Investors who want to get long term benefits will make sure that the broker is the best choice before they can start trading using the money.

The people who want to start trading, they are concerned about the minimum deposits needed for the first time. Some may want to experiment only and want to take small risks and in this case a broker that takes a small minimum deposit is the best one. The brokers also have the restriction when it comes to the minimum trade requirements and they can be different depending on which broker.  Another key to base yourself on before joining any broker is the payout percentage.

This cannot be done using a straightforward comparison.  The payout is going to vary according to the assets that are being traded and the length of the option. The payouts may also move.  Some brokers may have the payout at a certain period but after sometime, things can change and he may not be the best broker anymore.  A good investor should try out different brokers to see which one that offers the best payout most of the time. You can find a huge list with the top binary options brokers at Is-Scam.

When it comes to invest into binary options, it is important to invest using a reputable broker.  The first and the most important thing to consider is the safety of your funds.  While looking for the best broker in binary options, you should not be impressed because of the bonus offer. Even if a good bonus should be welcomed, it does not have to be the only criteria when it comes to choosing the broker. It is better to get a small bonus or even no bonus with a reliable broker instead of huge bonus from a shady company.

cb2You may try out different platforms before you decide on which one to use. If you want to trade with digital options for long term, the best way that you may find the right broker is opening accounts on different platform and to make trades with each one. The experience you get with a broker cannot be replaceable.

You should test a platform by using real money and make sure that you deposit, withdrawal and you contact the customer care to get the general view of how a broker works. When you deal with different brokers, you will become familiar with different trading environment and you will start to trade big amount with a broker whom you feel comfortable with.

Before you start to trade with any broker, you should learn the minimum requirements of the broker like the trade sizes and deposits.  You should also check which method you can use to deposit like money gram, alertpay, western union, moneybookers and many more.  In case you want to use credit card or bank transfer, you will not have to worry when it comes to the accessibility since all brokers accept such methods.  You should also check the payout of a broker and some brokers offer better payout for the same assets compared to others.

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Choosing the Best Robots for Trading Stocks

rft2As an investor, can you make money from buying stocks? Well, the answer to that is yes. In today’s market, with increase in volatility and decrease in prices, stock market trading has emerged as one of the wonderful opportunities now available to investors. Online stock trading has significantly increased its popularity with time. Robotic trading platforms and automated trading programs are some of the terms that are used to describe stock trading systems. You can make and grow your money via these stock investments. Luckily enough, this article gives the criteria that you should follow in order to make an informed decision when choosing the best robots for your trading stock. Equipping yourself with the relevant and essential information is the first step to success.

Relevant additional features

The best robotic trading platforms entail additional features that in most cases are invaluable to most active traders on commencement of automated trading. Order entry, as well as, additional strategy features exhibits the ability to increase a position with either the increase of stock or stock decrease. It also caters for the minimum stock purchase intervals before an additional share is purchased.

In the case of a robotic trader, there might be numerous indicators and it’s advisable to check if the indicators definitions are readily available. Each robotic trading platform has a different indicator formula or definition, so it is recommended that you understand each feature.

The stealth mode orders

Most robotic trading programs have some standard features that enable them to stop limit orders. Having an existing strategy mostly from your positions is of paramount importance. A good robotic trading program has the advantage of triggering market orders particularly if the conditions have been met. That is because the newer programs enable you as the user of an auto trader system to reach the price points.

It’s advisable to update the indicators often with the latest data. According to a report given by most long time traders, following even the simplest strategies consistently and for long periods promotes efficiency in performance. The robotic trading program should also have a provision for manual override that enables manual placement of a trade. Specifically ensure that you seek for this capability in your robotic stock program.

Simulating strategies ability

A good robotic program system should be able to simulate strategies prior to running live. That can also be explained as a system ‘test drive’ before putting the system to use. Some programs are more advanced to the extent that they can execute trades using past data and showcase their possible outcome. However, this sometimes may not be accurate since a lot of data is required for a thorough and successful back-test. A historical data alone might make the replicating somehow impossible.

rft3In addition, the past performance of a system in a specific or general market does not indicate the system performance in the current period. There are some systems that enable simulation of strategies by a stock trader; however, paper tickets have to be used, as opposed to the platform. During market hours, a good robotic program or platform allows the application of live data feed in the stock trading practice. This method is preferred by most traders as it gives them a realistic view of the performance of their trading strategy and shows the highs and lows of stock trading without necessarily having to make the actual investment. A brokerage account isn’t necessary if you’re able to simulate trades unless you decide to engage in real money.

Shows the creation of a robotic trading strategy

There should be a gradual process that educates novice traders on the creation of robotic trading strategies. The best firms have both short and long term trading strategies readily available at no cost at all. Also, they enable a novice stock trader to come up with their own strategies. Other firms also allow the sharing of strategies between ‘friends’. It is advisable to avoid choosing strategies that a firm doesn’t apply.

Customer service and tech support

rft1The best robotic trading program firms seldom become obsolete and exhibit an “up-time” that is extremely high. The software should also be able to operate efficiently with different operating systems such as Windows Vista and Windows XP and installed easily. It is not necessarily mandatory for the staff to respond promptly when contacted, but there should be minimal delays. The staff should also be helpful and knowledgeable.


Unless you are extremely careful, trading commissions can dig deep into your investment returns/profits. Always choose and incorporate a proper plan that best fits your needs. Trading commissions vary from different brokers and the number or type of shares traded, the traded share price or your monthly trade numbers.

NB: the above mentioned criteria’s enable a potential trader or user of robotic trading software to come up with an informed decision in regards to the choice of the best robotic stock trading programs.

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Binary Options Signals

Binary Options Signals

The binary options signals is a relatively new feature in the binary options trading. The signals have been in the trading market such as in the forex trading since a very long time. Hence these signals are known as forex signals. The binary options signals available are few in number but are found to be growing at a fast pace in this field. Though there are a lot of binary options signals providers flooded in the market, one must analyze how good these signals are. Hence the investors need to do a good amount of research to find how these binary options signals can be helpful for your binary options trading.

For Beginners in trading

Using the binary options signals in trading is very significant but for those who are beginners in the field of trading, it is necessary that you focus on understanding the important terms about options. Once you gain enough knowledge about the options trading, then it will be easier to integrate options trading signals in your trading which in turn helps you earn maximum profits in a steady pace.

The Intermediate users of binary options trading

For those intermediate users in trading who already have a good amount of experience in the market it is absolutely a must to make use of the trading signals. Though these binary options signals are in the initial stages it is a smart move for the intermediate traders to make the most of these signals well in their early stages. These binary options signals are already being used by a lot of intermediate digital options traders who are already obtaining great benefits and seeing the rise in their profits in trading with each day.

It is also suggested that the investors spend some time and effort to research well into the markets before beginning to use them. These signals are a great tool for trading though they are not a brain in the trading field. So combine your knowledge and experience gained in the field of trading along with these binary options signals to obtain success in the field.binary signals

The Advanced traders

For those people who are professional binary options traders, or those who have an advanced knowledge and expertise in the field, using these signals is the best choice that you have to get profits at a regular pace. It will enhance your trading experience and take your trading to the next level. Some professional traders like the integration of these binary options signals in their trade while some others do not like the idea. Hence it is up your choice on how you want to make the best use of them and know where you would fit in. You must figure out for yourself after analyzing their benefits carefully and see for yourself how well they make your trading simple.

Future of the binary options signals

The binary options signals seem to have a good future in the field of trading. Though these signals have not reached their full potential as they are still young, they would be a vital tool for trading in the future years. The binary options signals is different to other types of online trading, wherein the potential that the trading signals would offer is already known to the traders. A lot of amazing features are waiting for those traders who would like to start trading binary options using these signals. You just need to begin your trading with a binary trading broker and you will witness great things in this field of trading. Make sure to integrate the binary options signals in your trading if you are interested in them.

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Trading Stocks, Get Familiar!

Trading Stocks, Get Familiar!

You should know that trading in stocks online isn’t like shopping at your local major vendor, where prices are set. There are techniques to selling and buying because investments are priced in real time through active bidding between sellers and buyers. You have 5 main ways to sell or buy them online when dealing with investments:

  1. Market orders is the most common type of order. You tell your broker to buy shares at the current price or to sell your shares at the best price. They usually have the lowest commissions because these orders are performed more or less immediately and are straightforward.
  2. Limit orders: You tell your online broker with a limit order the price you are willing to pay if you are buying and the price you are willing to take if you are selling stocks. Only if your price is reached the order will execute.

Imagine you own hundred shares of ABC Company, which are trading for fifty dollars a share. The stock was on a tear, but approximation is that it could fall to thirty dollars. Also, you can sell the stock outright with a market order, but you do not want to miss out on any gains in case you are wrong. If it fell to forty five dollars a share a limit order would let you instruct your broker to sell the stock.

Only at the price you set limit orders are filled. The broker might be able to sell only some of the shares if the stock falls further than the price you set, or none, at the price you set.

  1. stock-market-2Stop market orders: Close to boundary orders stop market orders allow you set a price you want to sell or buy shares at. The order converts into a market order and executes immediately when a stock hits the price you designated.

Imagine that you have hundred shares of ABC Company, which are trading for fifty dollars a share. However this time, you enter a stop market order for forty five dollars. And again, you wake up to find the stock plunged instantly to twenty five dollars. This time, although, all of your stock would have been sold. However, your online broker is going to sell the shares at whatever the price was the moment your order transformed to a market order, which in this case could have been twenty five dollars.

  1. Stop boundary orders are customizable. You can set the activation price at first. The order turns into a limit order with the limit price you have set when that price is hit.

Okay, ABC Company is trading for fifty dollars a share when you enter a stop limit order with an activation price of forty five dollars and a limit price of thirty five dollars. So, it would work like this: you wake up to find that the stock plunged instantly to twenty five dollars. Your broker would turn your order into a limit order after it fell below forty five dollars this time.

When the stock fell to thirty five dollars, the broker would try to fill orders at that price if possible. However different from the stop market order, you will not leave the shares when they fell low to twenty five dollars.

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How To Trade Stocks

How To Trade Stocks

Most stocks are exchanged on trades, which are spots where purchasers and merchants meet and agree on a cost. A few trades are physical areas where exchanges are done on an exchanging floor. You’ve most likely seen pictures of an exchanging floor, in which merchants are fiercely tossing their arms up, waving, shouting, and signaling to one another. The other kind of trade is virtual, made out of a system of PCs where exchanges are made over the internet.

The reason for a stock exchange is to encourage the trading of securities in the middle of purchasers and merchants, lessening the dangers of contributing. Simply think how troublesome it would be to offer shares if you needed to call around the area attempting to discover a buyer. Truly, a stock trade is simply a super refined ranchers’ business sector connecting purchasers and merchants.

Before we continue, we ought to recognize the mainmarket and the subsidiarymarket. The main business sector is the place securities are made (by method for an IPO) while, in the subsidiary business sector, financial specialists trade already issued securities without the contribution of the issuing organizations. The optional business is the thing that people are assigning to when they discuss the stock exchange. It is necessary to comprehend that the trading of an organization’s stock does not straightforwardly include that organization.

The New York Stock Exchange

New_York_Stock_Exchange_by_daytonightThe most esteemed trade on the planet is the New York Stock Exchange. The “Huge Board” was established more than 200 years prior in 1792 with the confirming to of the Buttonwood Arrangement by 24 New York City stockbrokers and traders. At present the NYSE, with stocks like General Electric, Citigroup, Coca-Cola Company and Gillette, is the business of decision for the biggest organizations in America.


nasdaq_tower_homeThe third biggest trade in the United States is the American Stock Exchange. The American Stock Exchange used to be a distinct option for the New York Stock Exchange; however that part has subsequent to been filled by the Nasdaq. Truth be told, the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD), which is the guardian of Nasdaq, purchased the AMEX in 1998. All exchanging now on the American Stock Exchange is in little top stocks and subsidiaries.

There are numerous stock trades found in pretty much every nation far and wide. American markets are without a doubt the biggest, yet despite everything they speak to just a small amount of aggregate venture around the globe. The two other fundamental money related center points are London, home of the London Stock Trade, and China, home of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The last place worth specifying is the over-the counter release board. The Nasdaq is an overthecounter market, however the term normally alludes to little open organizations that don’t meet the posting prerequisites of any of the managed markets, including the Nasdaq. The OTCBB is home to penny stocks on the grounds that there is practically zero regulation. This makes putting resources into an OTCBB stock exceptionally hazardous.

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How to trade options and which system to use

How to trade options and which system to use

If you are a need trader you should know that ‘’Binary options trading system’’ is indeed one of the methods which traders choose to imply when they are trying to make some predictions about the movements of the assets they are tracking. And it can help them a great deal, of course if it is do e property. It does, their result can be much better and will help in achieving purchase of much more money than without it. Systems which have already implied algorithms inside are usually used only by large companies(since they can afford them), but if you are a trader working individually you will have to learn and very simply imply a set of rules which will make your trading be successful. As one of the rules to be acquired and used are signals of binary options which are designed concretely for alerting a trader about the assets which are the best for them to go after.

feature-2Software for’ ’Binary options trading’ ’which will be great for you as a single trader: If you decide to go pro and became one of the successful and serious trader and need to find the system which will be optimal and fixed, and used for options trading, then a lot of our suggestions may be useful to you, some even of a great importance. First let’s mention the thing called binary options trading robot. You maybe have already heard about this but have no idea what it stands for. Here is for what: If you make a decision for entering the market of forex, you will need one of the Forex Robots to make everything much easier for you. It will help you in many different things such as: following and monitoring the conditions on the market all the time, following of we may say tracking the changes in the fluctuations of currency and implementing the executions of the binary options strategy you have chosen as your own.

This kind of software is very simple for usage, and you won’t find any difficulties in learning what you need to do there, and will be of a big importance for your success. There is also that big thing that this kind of program can do a you cannot and that is to track everything 24 hours seven days a week! It will fallow and seek for influential movements all the time. That is something for which you don’t have time and concentration- just admits it is impossible for a human. Saving you from all that hard work it reads all boring historical data and analyses all the information from the market it’s processing. When chosing a broker always look for reviews first. Here you can find magnum options review and many, many more broker reviews that can help you make up your mind about chosing the right broker.


But, for you to have a fully successful career in trading with binary options, you need to find a right suitable Robot. It has to have already proved that it is a good one; otherwise it won’t be of much help. There is definitely a numerous number of them inline and you wonder how to know which one to choose? The key point here is to, when deciding, first use the trial version! You can search the internet since every year there is a contest for the best Robot of the year, and there you can find which is the best one, why is the best, which options are improved from the older versions and of course the name of the robot so that you can easily find it and use it in order to be much more successful with your work.

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